Tensorboard Spreadsheet Helper


Tensorboard Spreadsheet Helper is a tool for displaying experiment specifications in Tensorboard. It is intended to help users to look up for details and compare them while navigating through tens or hundreds of experiment instances.

For the purpose of tracing back every experiment, I usually logs details of an experiment, especially the changes from previous one. One of the best tool I love for logging is Google Spreadsheet.

Tensorboard is also a very great tool for visualizing the performance of your experiments. However, it only displays the name you give for each one. With dozens of experiments on hand, it is easy to get lost. Naturally, you would want to view details of an experiment in order to recover your memory about it.

This script allows you to link your experiment logs in Google Spreadsheet and runs in Tensorboard.

Given the logs of the following format in Spreadsheet:

After setup, a hover card with details will show up when the mouse pointer is hovering over an experiment.


  1. Obtain client id for your Google Spreadsheet account from the Google API Console. Documentation
    • Pay attention to the origin (domain and port) you are using for Tensorboard. For example, if I’m using localhost and 8889, I should add one item to Authorized JavaScript origins with content http://localhost:8889. If you have multiple Tensorboards started, simply add all origins of them.
  2. Obtain Spreadsheet id XXX of your file direcly from its edit URL: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/XXX/edit.
  3. Copy code from spreadsheet.js to a new tampermonkey script.
  4. Fill your client id, Spreadsheet id and sheet name in script. Sheet name is at lower left corner after you open the spreadsheet.
  5. Replace domain and port in the line starting with // @match. If you have multiple ones, simply add a new line start with // @match.
  6. Customize anything. If you want to change the form of your sheet, change the lines begining with comment CUSTOMIZE HERE IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE SHEET FORM

Author: Texot
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