Visualized CSRankings

Github is a very useful project for looking up the information and rankings of both universities’ and professors’ in various areas of computer science.

For selected areas, it lists professors of each university who have publications in those areas. The total publication count and adjusted publication count, which is obtained by dividing number of coauthors, are shown aside. However, these numbers can only show a coarse summary. Details like the subareas a professor has been focused on or the trending of the professor’s interested areas are something that is important and can be revealed by looking at source data.

Given this motivation, I made modifications to the source code of CSRankings to visualize them side-by-side. The following image shows my result.

My modification has added two aspects of info:

  1. A D3 graph showing the percentage of each area’s publications versus selected years. Different areas are indicated by different colors.
  2. The number of publications in additionally selected areas/sub-areas no matter if you have selected them in the left panel.

Author: Texot
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