Safe Action Debugger

To make life easier in the development of OpenWrt Fastbuild Actions, I built a module called Safe Action Debugger (SAD) for Github Actions (GA) based on the works from csexton/debugger-action and P3TERX/debugger-action.

Github(The project’s name is slightly different from its repository name in the order of words.)

Safety enhancements

As its name suggests, SAD reinforces security aspects of original projects. Connection information is encrypted when shown in log messages or is sent directly to your Slack chat. This ensures that only authorized people can access data in secrets and control your runner instances.

You can decrypt encrypted messages using OpenSSL, or use the URL provided for decrypting in browsers.

Docker accessing

Another improvement is the ability to debug docker containers and images directly. When configured, SAD can automatically attach to containers or even images, allowing you to directly access the shell inside them. When the target is a docker image, a temporary container is created from it as the attaching target. Changes made in this kind of containers are then committed back to source images after the debugging session finishes.

Author: Texot
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