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OpenWrt Fastbuild Actions OpenWrt Fastbuild Actions
Github OpenWrt Fastbuild Actions (OFA) is a continuous integration framework for building your own OpenWrt firmware onli
Safe Action Debugger Safe Action Debugger
To make life easier in the development of OpenWrt Fastbuild Actions, I built a module called Safe Action Debugger (SAD)
Visualized CSRankings Visualized CSRankings
Github CSRankings.org is a very useful project for looking up the information and rankings of both universities’ and pro
Tensorboard Spreadsheet Helper Tensorboard Spreadsheet Helper
Github Tensorboard Spreadsheet Helper is a tool for displaying experiment specifications in Tensorboard. It is intended
RoboMasters 2015 RoboMasters 2015
RoboMasters is a super interesting robotics competition hold by DJI, Ltd. My teammates and I participated its first even
Having Fun in Smartcar Competition Having Fun in Smartcar Competition
In 2014 I decided to participate in Freescale Smartcar Competition with my friends. Eventually we didn’t have the time t